Monday, January 12, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas and our family opened presents on the 24th since we were traveling on the 25th. Malan made Christmas really fun. This was her early in the morning just after opening her stalking to find pens and candy inside. I told her we should go downstairs to see what else there might be that Santa brought but she said, "But I already have all this stuff!" Last year she was more fascinated by the wrapping paper and the pulling paper off of boxes than anything so this year was a little more exciting to see her reaction to the stuff inside the boxes. Her big present was a tricycle and a helmet that she loves to ride around the house. She got lots of presents from grandparents, neighbors, and cousins.

Afterwards we thought, "Maybe she got too many presents." So we decided to keep one or two for her birthday which was 2 weeks later. She got presents from so many people that she just expected that everyone gives Malan presents for Christmas and it was kind of embarassing at times when we would go to someone's home and she would ask, "Where's my present?" It wasn't easy for her to leave all her new toys the next day when we went out to California but she didn't realize she would be getting another slew of presents out there. Owen is still happy and smiley and only cries when he is hungry or wants attention and is very easy to soothe. And I don't know if you know this already but he is HUGE!

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