Monday, January 12, 2009


I thought a picture of the Frisco burger thanks to Hardee's (Carl's Jr. in the west) would be appropriate since our trip was to the bay area in California. I think it's funny since people from the area hate the nickname of "Frisco." Speaking of burgers we ate at In and Out while we were there. It's a good burger, but 3 out of 4 people I know who have had both an In and Out burger and a Five Guys burger out here in the DC area agree that Five Guys is better! So if you haven't had one yet you better come get one because they are delicioso!! (Spanish for delicious)

We had a great time out in California. We stayed at my brother, Brad's house most of the time. He lives right next to Stanford which is a beautiful campus. The first day we were there we went to the Children's Discovery with Patty's mom, Tori, in San Jose which was really fun for Malan especially this dance room made for kids to dance in. The second night there my brother took Patty and I to the Nutcracker at the San Francisco Opera House where it was originally brought to from Europe. It was spectacular! We then went to a great ice cream place in San Francisco. The next day we went to the zoo! It was the same zoo the guys were attacked at last year by the tigers, supposedly they taunted the tigers to initiate them jumping out of their "fenced area." It looked like they had made some modifications fairly recently so we were safe.

Besides the zoo Patty spent some time with her Aunt, Grandma, and mother who all live in the general area. I went cycling for a little while with my brother and only fell down once when I was completely stopped and couldn't get my foot unclipped. The best part was a car full of people saw it all and said, "AAAAhhhhhhhh Maaaannnn!" I imagine it's something like wiping out right under the chair lift but I really don't know what that's like. Then Patty and I played a lot of Rock Band and it was good that she was there because there is no singing ability in the Goodson gene! I rocked it on the drums on easy. Guitar, medium.


Be, Br, and E said...

Thanks for FINALLY posting again. I was getting sick of clicking and finding your Halloween pics still front and center. Also, funny thing, turns out we live next to a couple of 5 guys. I knew we lived by 5 guys and I knew we went to a 5guys when we visited but it wasn't until this weekend that I finally made the connection that they are the same thing.

michelle said...

goodsons!!!! i lost touch with you guys. no excuses....just lame. malan is huge and adorable. hows your baby? hows life? everything?

just reading your post about cali makes me homesick for the west. missin it!!!!!is there a 5guys in FL? if there is a burger that tops in-n-out i have to have it. speaking of homesick, we couldn't help but order green chili right to our very porch-delicioso as nate would say.

hope all is awesome!!!!!!!